Silliness in Europe







I lived in London recently for two months to broadcast NFL-Europe games for Fox.  Gotta have some fun while you're at it, right...?

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Taking in a West End show in London between NFL-Europe games

 What Princess Di did to Charles' beloved pet marmot

Battling wild stallions running loose in Piccadilly Square

Dungeon exhibit in London movie theatre lobby (!)

 Uh oh, this is going to be scary…

Dissing the skull

Skull disses back

Skull attacks!

Skull hates me!

Battling Ghouls

Taking my first ride in a big black London taxi cab

Sushi and Tolkien

 Clumsy me, getting run over by the actual golden coach in which King George III rode to his coronation in the 1700s


Fun with torture in London
(not for the squeamish)

 At Saint Paul's Cathedral in London.  Hey, if Sampson could do it…

Okay, that didn't work; I'll try it this way…

One more try…

Army Museum.  If the pen is mightier than the sword, why not brandish my Bic?

Germany's Enigma encoding machine from WWII.  (I don't get it either)

Bronze busts of three famous war heros

Getting an industrial strength mugging





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